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Eastern Europe

Cross Cultures is a global network. On this page, you can find information about our activities in Eastern Europe.


Open Fun Football Schools (OFFS) was introduced for the first time to Moldova in 2006. Cross Cultures’ project has helped Moldova after the war conflicts in 1992, between the Transnistrian region and Moldova, by using the virtue of football to prove the unity of people from all regions of the country possible, irrespective of religious, political, racial, sexual and national background. 

Our female coaches provided ‘positive role models’ to the hundreds of girls who attended the football schools and inspiring them to take up the game. The Football Federation is now looking to invest more resources into the woman’s game and all the female coaches involved in our project. 

Nearly 56% of the participants at the football school were young female in 2018 and 2019. There is still a lot of resistance amongst certain communities to the women’s game, but many acknowledged that there is a need to implement female programs within the structures of the clubs. Open Fun Football School along with the Federation was able to demonstrate the high level of skill and motivation amongst the female players, coaches and bring together gender groups who at an early age have limited contact. One of our main goals in Moldova is to attract girls into women’s football. 

The School + Sport + Police (SSP) initiative is a complementary component to the Open Fun FootballSchool programme (OFFS). It was built on the basic perception that efficient crime prevention measures are not a matter for the police alone. During the year we have revised the approach towards Safeguarding Children in Sports, which is leaner and adapt to the stakeholders in Moldova. Here the focus is both on crime prevention and on child protection within the sports sector. We have in 2019 educated our volunteer coaches in child protection and facilitate different kinds of juvenile crime prevention activities within our cross-sectorial networks, aiming for preventing children and youth from becoming victims or offenders of crime.

Our work in Moldova20192006-2019 (total)
Partner since2006
Number of OFFS12 (+82 one day festivals)153 (+ 621 one day festivals)
Total number of children2,304 (+5,159 at one day festivals)29,376 (+59,093 at one day festivals)
Total number of volunteers*312
Female volunteers168
Male volunteers144

Source: Internal statistics.

Leaders, Trainers, Assistants, and others. 


Cross Cultures has been engaged in Ukraine since 2010, firstly in Crimea. Today the project Civil Society- and Public Sector cooperation for Reconciliation, Social Integration and Child Protection in Ukraine supported by the EU has an overall aim to strengthen reconciliation, social integration and child protection in Ukraine through a combination of fun sport for children and cross-sector child protection cooperation between school, sport and police.

The project is running in its third year according to plan. There are two interlinked main activity streams in the project. Firstly, the Open Fun Football Schools, OFFS, and sports festivals engaging a large number of children including internally displaced children and voluntary football coaches in fun sports activities that at the same time address transversal skills as team building, tolerance, non-discrimination, anger management, etc. Secondly, the SSP (School, Sport, Police) component which successfully has established 167 local SSP teams across 9 eastern conflict-affected regions in Ukraine inspired by the Danish SSP model seeking to promote the rights of children and youth and prevent juvenile crime and risk behaviour.

The project has come into being thanks to a multi-stakeholder initiative with the sharing of Danish approaches in Fun Football and SSP (School, Sport, Police), and it has taken strong root in Ukraine thanks to UAF and AUFCR  and the funding of the EU.  Thus, it shows the strengths of multiple partnerships on which the project rests and the cooperation model and partnership spirit is key to continued success.

Cross Cultures focuses on bringing children in Ukraine of different ethnicity together at the Open Fun Football Schools promoting peace and reconciliation. 

Our work in Ukraine20192010-2019
Partner since2010
Number of OFFS43 (+252 one day festivals)315 (+ 1,702 one day festivals)
Total number of children7,824 (+41,614 at one day festivals) 56,682 (+ 220,661 at one day festivals)
Total number of volunteers*1207
Female volunteers472
Male volunteers735

Source: Internal statistics.

Leaders, Trainers, Assistants, and others.