Strategic Intentions

Mission, Vision &

Strategic Intentions


A peaceful world across cultures


Cross Cultures is an international Alliance of non-profit organisations that exist to promote peaceful coexistence, gender equality, and social improvements across conflicts and social divides through fun sports and dialogue based on voluntarism


  • When people play joyful games together it leads to new relationships, increased trust, and understanding of “the other”

  • When young people learn to communicate and operationalise their ideas and visions for the future, it leads to social networking and empowers them to take action and positively influence their communities and own life opportunities.


  • Training programmes for children, young voluntary coaches, community organisers, and Alliance managers.

  • Fun sports activities across societal divides where everyone can participate
How do we do it?

We use:

  • the individual qualities of sports to empower children and youth living in fragile communities and strengthen their physical and mental wellbeing
  • the social qualities of sports to create cooperation and positive relationships between people from different backgrounds and promote social inclusion and cohesion.
  • the democratic qualities of sports to strengthen local communities by promoting civil and social engagement, association formation, social networks, cross sector cooperation and human rights.


  • Increased physical and mental wellbeing, peaceful coexistence, friendships, smiles and social cohesion.

Young coaches

  • Increased civic and social engagement.

  • Role models promoting peaceful coexistence and social cohesion.

  • Enhanced capacity to facilitate an open, friendly, creative, and participatory environment around their sport-for-change activities.

Community organisers

  • Comprehensive skills in project and sports event management, project-based collaboration, and working in networks with like-minded individuals or cross-sectorial groups to lead the broader community toward positive change.

  • Role models promoting peaceful coexistence and social cohesion.