Amy Lasu: “Cross Cultures had made a huge impact in South Sudan.”

Amy's story in South Sudan

Amy Lasu, born in Sudan and grew up in Kenya, is a 27-year-old footballer, the captain of the South Sudan women’s national football team, and the ambassador of women’s football in the South Sudan Football Association. She first got involved with Cross Cultures when she attended a Cross Cultures’ coaches seminar in 2021.

Regarding her role with Cross Cultures, Amy said, “My role has changed as I decided to not only pursue my dreams as a footballer but also as a coach. With the knowledge I got from Cross Cultures’ Coach Seminar, I thought it would be great to try and instil it in the young players and help them develop from a younger age.”

Amy with ball in South Sudan

However, Amy also faced significant challenges while working with Cross Cultures, particularly getting more young girls involved in sports. “In South Sudan, it is hard to find young girls involved in sports, especially football, and this is because of the different cultures and different mindsets people have about it,” she said. “It is also because of the different gender roles that have been set by society that contribute to girls not getting the time to get involved because they are expected to be at home doing chores while their brothers are out playing.”

Amy has seen Cross Cultures grow and develop over time despite these challenges. “I have seen how the organization has created job opportunities for the youth, opportunities for the youth to learn about different things not only to do with sports but also about life,” she said. “I have seen the number of community leaders, coaches, and players increase. There has been tremendous growth.”

Personal growth

Working with Cross Cultures has significantly impacted Amy’s personal and professional growth. “Working with Cross Cultures has impacted my life as it has given me a platform where I can practice my coaching skills and instil the knowledge that I have on the young ones and help them become role models to future generations,” she said. “I have gained more confidence by working with the children, and with the experience I have, I have become a better person and a better coach, and I am hoping that when the young ones look at me, they see a role model whose footsteps they can follow into.”

"It unites people of different tribes and cultures. The people of South Sudan will always come together when it comes to sports. It promotes peace."
Amy Lasu
Volunteer at Cross Cultures

One of Amy’s most memorable experiences with Cross Cultures was the International Youth Council Seminar in 2022. “It was a great experience for me because I got to meet people from different countries, cultures, and backgrounds, and I got to learn about their ways of life and different views on certain things,” she said. “I got ideas to help tackle the challenges we face with Cross Culture in South Sudan.”

Amy in South Sudan

Amy believes sports, specifically football, can promote positive social change. “Sports plays a major role in promoting social change because it unites people,” she said. “It unites people of different tribes and cultures. The people of South Sudan will always come together regarding sports. It promotes peace.”

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