Breaking Barriers for girls in Europe

We’re out here, with heart and soul, but you can’t see us. If girls don’t see women in sport, they won’t stay in sport. They won’t learn that we can call the shots. We are stronger together, the world is ours. She belongs on the track to feel the ice. Give her visibility so she sees how unstoppable she is, and she’ll break barriers!”Adidas – She Breaks Barriers: More visibility. Bigger Dreams.

You can’t see her. Let’s break them barriers!

Female leadership Camp in Bajina Basta, Serbia, organized by Cross Cultures network in the Western Balkans, gathered over 50 young women. Women from Bosnia & Herzegovina, North Macedonia, Croatia, Serbia, Kosovo, and Montenegro sat down to learn how to break down the barriers for girls in sport. The Camp created a network base for young women to take on the roles of gender equity action makers.

If girls don’t see women in sport, they won’t stay in sport

Adidas – She Breaks Barriers

The Camp’s goal was to establish the position of female leaders in sport across communities in the region and provide them with the education and empowerment to take on more prominent roles as change drivers towards gender equity in sport across the Western Balkan communities.

Supported by Adidas Europe and StreetFootballWorld, the Camp was implemented as part of the Breaking Barriers for girls in Europe initiative – a five-year commitment to reach out to 50 000 females across Europe. Cross Cultures is continuing its significant work in the development of women’s football and sport in general by mandatory inclusion of girls in all of the implementing activities and actively supporting communities in the development of women’s clubs and women’s sections.