CCPA meets with Ministry of Sports & Youth in Baghdad

On March 4th, 2015 a CCPA Program Coordinator met with the advisor of the Minister of Sports and Youth and discussed a possible cooperation between the two and maybe the inclusion of a third party.
After being sent an official invitation to the office of the Minister, CCPA prepared folder of their projects and evaluation reports. Informing the ministry on local projects such as the CCPA Village for refugees, Youth Empowerment for the youth, FutbolNet in Basra, SIDA OFFS’ and the Leadership Academies for the Olympic Committee.
The advisor and former footballing legend of Tehran 79′, Mehdi Abdel-Saheb discussed the possibility of sending engineers to Denmark, to study the football fields there and take their knowledge to Iraq and rebuild the stadiums.
They also discussed other possible cooperation’s, projects, and the establishment of Al-Salam Football School as a Football Club with a 30 year long contract giving the massive land of Iskan Sports Complex to Al-Salam for a symbolic fee of $ 50 a month.