Children’s inter-zone festival in South Sudan

Cross Cultures Project Association has, in partnership with The South Sudan Football Association, conducted a 4 days’ children inter-zone festival in Juba and Torit.

The festival started on 29/01/2021 in Torit and 30/1/2021 in Juba targeting 480 children of 6-14 years, from the 8 blocks of Nyong Payam of Torit County and Juba Payam of Juba County. The facilitation was done by leaders and coaches, who conducted the inter-zone children’s festival with the supervision of two coordinators from CCPA Juba and Torit.

The focuspoints of the interzone festival was:

  • To enable children to engage in interactive play activities and socialize.
  • To improve sports activities through cohesion, peace and unity and understand the Open Fun football school philosophy.
  • To improve children’s relationship from different zones.

Over 1,076 children, both girls and boys, turned up for the festival the 4 days and 200 Pcs of Balls were played, both in Torit and Juba and in the four different zones during the inter-zone competition. 149 coaches from 8 zones of Nyong, Juba Payam, Torit and Juba counties were training the kids at the festival.

Here are some photos of the activities