Introduction of activities

Cross Cultures Project Association in partnership with SSFA and Niras implementing project on Open Fun Football School and component of water and hygiene sanitation and youth on economic aspect of business has cordination office-torit has conducted 4 days’ children inter zone festivals in Juba and Torit.

The festival started on 29/01/2021 in Torit and 30/1/2021 in Juba targeting 480 children from the 8 blocks of Nyong Payam of Torit County and Juba Payam of Juba County four hundred eighty children of 6-14 years old for inter zone festival.

The facilitation was done by leaders and the coaches who conducted the inter zone children festival with supervision of two counties coordinators of Juba and Torit respectively.

Objective of the interzone festival:

  • Enable the children engage on their inter active play activities.
  • Improve on sport activities through co-hession, peace and unity and understand the Open Fun football school.
  • Enable children to compete and realized what they have been practice.
  • To improve the level of children relationship from different zone.
  • To determine which zone is so active and doing well during their different hours and days of practices.
  • To check whether coaches are doing their daily practices at their different zones.
  • To see whether children know all the types of the games they are practicing.


Methodology used

  • At least by use of different games activities.
  • Participatory approach.
  • Practical in the Football ground i.e., freedom Square and Airport field.
  • Through the usage of sport equipment in field for practical stages of festival.


  • Children are able to turn up for the festival.  
  • Children were able to turn up for the festival.
  • Over 1,076 children both girls and boys turn up for festival the last 4 days of inter zones festival both Juba and Torit
  • Financial and logistic support from the CCPA was in place.
  • 200 Pcs of Balls were used during the inter zone children festival both in Torit and Juba and in different four zones of the inter zone competition.

Outcome of the seminar

  • 149 (49 F, 96 M) Coaches from 8 blocks of Nyong and Juba payam of Torit and Juba counties were training the kids at the festival.
  • 200 (719M, 304F Children were call for Festival in the Freedom square, Airport field, Medan Sahara and Munuki and Rock city were given to rotate 6 different type of games for two hours with Covid-19 prevention measured.
  • Coaches were able to do the setup of 6 different types of games in the field.
  • Coaches were able to take children through the festival and take children on 6 rotation of different games.
  • Coaches were able to know each other from different 8 blocks of Torit and Juba.
  • Children were able to socialised them self and create friendships among each other during the inter zone festival.


  • High expectation of the coaches in terms of sport equipment.
  • High expectation from coaches in terms of facilitation during the festival since they were only given feeding during the festival
  • Beefs were not enough to the number of invited children for festival that give no uniform pictures/photos.
  • Weather was too hot since it was conducted during dry season and couple with children playing with shoes on luck of shoe.

Lesson learned

  • High number of children turn up dispute of covid-19 restriction.
  • Continue practices by the coaches to the children.
  • High demand from the youths in terms of involvement.
  • Urgent supply of sport equipment for proper training and practices.
  • Coaches demand training uniform and playing shoes since the uniform distributed in 2019 become very old.


  • There is need to monitor the activities since a lot of balls were distributed according to the 8 blocks of Juba and Torit counties.
  • There is need to speed the procurement of sport equipment e.g., skipping ropes, Corns and beefs etc. to easy the Open fun schools established in the 8 blocks.
  • Certificate for the coaches and leaders since the coaches has taken two years in this programme.
  • There is need for continuity of this project good years and extension to other counties and payam of the two states if there is support.
  • There is need of formation of grass roots football academies since there are already upcoming children who can now engage in playing serious football as a club academy who can be participate under Torit Local football association.

Here are some photos of the activities