Cross Cultures organizes a “Vaccination Day” for Tunisian athletes

In the last few weeks, with the rise of the Delta variant across the world, Tunisia has been gripped by another COVID-19 surge. It is now the country with the highest coronavirus mortality rate per capita in the MENA region and Africa.

The ministry of sports and youth has in collaboration with Cross Cultures’ youth network, arranged a “Vaccination Day” that is targeted at sportspeople from 18 years and up.

Today, 20 August 2021, is the first time that people under the age of 39 are vaccinated in Tunisia. The Tunisian minister has hired Cross Culture’s Tunisian youth network to be the organizers of the day, which has been a resounding success.

This “Vaccination Day” is a part of Tunisia’s vaccination program. It aims to get cultural life back on track and suppress the corona pandemic so Tunisians can have an everyday life again. The Minister is ready to reactivate sports and events activities as well as official football matches if half of the population is vaccinated.

In connection with the good cause, the “Vaccination Day” will be covered by national TV, three national radios and broadcast in the evening news in Tunisia.

Vaccinations in Tunisia have been reserved for people aged 39 and up, but today the younger age group was targeted. Cross Cultures volunteers were some of Tunisia’s first young people to receive the vaccine along with the Tunisian athletes.

“It has been a very exciting day for them and all of us from Cross Cultures. I hope this will help ease the corona restrictions in the country soon.” – Jalel Ben Tekaya, Head of Cross Cultures in Tunisia.

The vaccination campaign started today, 20th August 2021 at 08:30 AM and ends tomorrow at Saturday 06:00 PM.