Promoting gender equality

By enrolling minimum 40% female/girls participation in all our activities we provide females/girls with a platform to advocate and promote gender equality and promote active participation on all levels in the world of football (leaders/coaches/players) and in the civil society at large


Cross Cultures’ approach to gender equality builds on the premise that including girls and women in community-level grassroots football can be a valuable tool in combatting gender-based stereotypes as well as fostering female well-being and community participation. By prioritizing female participation in our activities, we provide girls and women with access to a domain that is still, by many, seen as a male domain. When we make girls and boys play football together, establish girl’s football teams, and recruit female coaches and volunteers in local communities, we do not only enhance the wellbeing and active community engagement of the participants, but also provide other girls and women (as well as boys and men) with alternative role models and opportunities.