Grandparents and grandchildren playing together in new IOC Development Grant

Vnuci- Sport 2019

20 years ago Cross Cultures’ Open Fun Football Schools program started in Macedonia. Many of the people who were coaches and instructors at that time have now become parents and some even grandparents. Since many of these people have grandchildren today, we came to the idea of doing activities that bring grandparents and grandchildren together through sports – in the spirit of Open Fun Football Schools!

The idea was transformed into a project concept which we presented to the International Olympic Committee together with 384 other applicants. Fortunately we were one of the lucky four applicants who now have the honor and pleasure of signing a contract with the International Olympic Commitee which will sponsor and help implementing the concept of Vnuci-Sport in 2019.

We are looking forward to beginning this project of active involvement of elderly people playing together with their grandchildren. It will for sure be a challenge, but we will do our best to satisfy all participants in the best possible way. Hopefully together we will create a lot of happy memories and moments that will bring together grandparents and grandchildren, and that they will all remember for a long time.