From Open Fun Football School to life lessons: Ivana’s journey with Cross Cultures

How Ivana's journey with Cross Cultures began

Ivana Čabarkapa’s journey with Cross Cultures began at 14 when she joined a football school organized by the Football Club Breznica in Pljevlja, Montenegro. What started as an opportunity to improve her football skills quickly became a life-changing experience.

“After the first school of football, I started training football. Two years later, the club organized another school of football, and this time, I was there to help our coaches,” Ivana recalled. “It was a great experience for me, and I learned how to work with children and how to understand them.”

Ivana's Life Lessons

Ivana’s understanding of the world around her began to change through her participation in Cross Cultures. She learned that people of different cultures and backgrounds are all the same at the core but with different personalities and characteristics. “Only together, in peace and love, can we function, filling in each other’s shortcomings,” Ivana said. “I learned that everything in life is easier when you have real friends around you on whom you can rely. Listening to other people’s experiences is essential to understand what you want to achieve.”

The International Youth Council in Tunisia, organized by Cross Cultures, profoundly impacted Ivana. “It helped me to grow up and understand that all people are the same, regardless of gender, race, or religion,” she said. “I made many friends there, and we exchange experiences every day and support each other.”

"Through sports, we learn to behave in a community, to function in a group, to fight for each other,"
Ivana Čabarkapa

Ivana’s experience with Cross Cultures has been transformative, providing her with valuable life lessons and opportunities for personal growth. “Through sports, we learn to behave in a community, to function in a group, to fight for each other,” she said. “It provides schooling, scholarships, and other privileges that help us live better.”

For Ivana, the most significant aspect of Cross Cultures is its impact on children and young people. “First of all, the children have made many acquaintances and friends, socialize through Cross Cultures Open Fun Schools, acquire good habits, play sports, and understand why sports are important for life,” she said. “In addition, they receive equipment that in some way stimulates them to stay on the right path.”

Ivana hopes that Cross Cultures will continue expanding its programs and reach more people worldwide. “Through its projects and various programs, Cross Cultures constantly includes new participants and expands its experiences and knowledge, which are transferred to an ever-increasing number of people,” she said. “Thanks to this, it helps many to feel the power of sports, first of all, and then all the other privileges that go along with it.”

Ivana’s journey with Cross Cultures has been a transformative experience that has profoundly impacted her life. Through participating in various programs and seminars, she has learned the importance of understanding and tolerance among people of different cultures and backgrounds. For Ivana, the lessons she learned and the friendships she made will stay with her for the rest of her life.

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