Kick-off: Open Fun Football Schools in Western Ukraine

Open Fun Football Schools Marathon

The people of Dunaivtsi in the Khmelnytsky region have launched a marathon of Open Fun Football Schools focusing on psychosocial activities in the Western regions of Ukraine.

Together with the Khmelnytsky Regional Football Association and the Dunayevets District Football Association, the Ukrainian Football Association has launched open football lessons to help displaced children integrate into host communities and make friends with local children.

Local schools received 150 soccer balls and a large number of other sports equipment for football events, volunteers were dressed in sports suits, and each child will have a project T-shirt and a participant’s diploma in memory.

It should be noted that within the project, the families of migrants are provided with humanitarian aid in the form of medical, food kits and basic necessities.

The children were greeted at the central stadium in Dunaivtsi by the mayor Velina Zayats, the chairman of the Khmelnytsky regional football association Ihor Khiblin and the coordinator of the project from UAF Yevhen Stolitenko.

The Marathon Continues

The Open Fun Football Schools continue in other parts of Western Ukraine.

Since the kick-off, have there been Open Fun Football Schools in the Novoselytsia and Ternopil regions.
In the following days will our excellent volunteers and leaders execute Open Fun Football Schools in:

May 26-27 – Ternopil region, Zaliztsi

May 26-27 – Khmelnytsky

May 27-28 – Chernivtsi

June 11-12 – Ivano-Frankivsk region, Nadvirna.

The overall goal of the Open Football Lessons project is to help protect internally displaced children, unaccompanied children, orphans and other vulnerable children affected by the war and forced to relocate to Western Ukraine – Lviv, Rivne, Ternopil, Khmelnytsky and Chernivtsi regions.