Moldova: A perfect September

More than 2400 kids from 12 different regions all around Moldova have participated in Open Fun Football Schools this month. Through a big focus on football for all, gender equality, and safety in sports, the local communities have been very active and benefited a lot from this year’s activities.

It has been a very good September in Moldova. The weather was good as summer, a lot of Open Fun Football Schools all around the country and thousands of happy kids with yellow hats – what’s not to like?

As a part of the Open Fun Football Schools project in Moldova, the coaches and leaders received a “Child Safe Guarding” book, to study, learn and respect the principles of working with kids in sports.
The Child Safe Guarding policy is about to prevent any kind of negative impact on kids – emotionally, verbally, physically or sexually – and make a safe and funny active environment for kids.

Protecting policies are very important and needed as they protect kids and teenagers that do sports. It also defends the sports organisations integrity and promotes the values of sports.

Open Fun Football School is the highlight of the year

This year there were almost Open Fun Football Schools in all county districts of Moldova. 12 regions have benefitted from Open Fun Football Schools which have been the highlight of the year for many of the kids.

“There was even a girl that ran over to me and gave me a kiss… Well, that was unexpected!” – Alexandra, Coach Assistant

Many minor Moldovian villages are very low on public activities for kids. Therefore, when there is an Open Fun Football School in one of those villages, it gets very popular, well visited and makes an impact on the local community.

Will benefit the whole local community!

Globally is Cross Cultures’ main goal to make a positive impact on the local communities.

One of the most important things is the majority of local communities gets involved in the Open Fun Football Schools. The local community includes institutions, schools, sports clubs, artists, grocery stores, police, the people and so on. Either if it’s about to get water supply, a half-time show or a field to play football on, Cross Cultures strive to involve all of the community.

“Two of the schools that have been participating in our Open Fun Football School, will four times a year use our activities in their school yard.” – Pasali Vasilii – Coach

The beautiful result of Open Fun Football Schools is when it has a positive impact on the local communities and the community use the activities as a part of their own work.

Pasali Valilii, Coach at Open Fun Football Schools in Taraclia, Moldova, told that 20% of the attending kids want to start in a local football club after they have been participating in this year’s Open Fun Football School. In addition, she also told that they have had seven kids with different handicaps, who were participating under the exact same conditions as all of the other kids.

“It was a big success! Also to show the parents and all of the kids, that football is for all!” – Pasali Valilii

The Open Fun Football School in Taraclia also included a local gymnast team, who made a fantastic half-time-show, and the police attended and learned the kids about traffic security.

The perfect split

One of Cross Cultures biggest values is gender equality. What other place is better to be than Edinets district in Moldova? The city is famous for its excellent work with women football. At the moment they train a lot of girls at the age of 12-17 years old, and SS Edinet is participating in the Moldovian Championship for women U14 and U17.

At all Open Fun Football Schools in Moldova, Edinet included, at least 50% of the participants are girls in the age range 6-10 years old. Furthermore, at least 50% of the volunteering leaders, coaches and coach assistants are women.

Cross Cultures once again brings people together through football. It’s funtastic!