Moldova in Denmark: Day 2

Exploring Danish Initiatives: Day 2 Recap

Our journey through Denmark continues with discovery and inspiration. Day 2 was packed with engaging presentations and insightful visits, offering valuable insights into Danish initiatives.

The day kicked off with a breakfast at our hotel, setting the tone for a day filled with learning and exploration. Our first stop was a fascinating presentation by the SSP-Secretariat of Copenhagen. We learned about the SSP model’s intricate framework, designed to support and protect young people across different areas of Copenhagen. From communication wheels to four-level stairways, the SSP team shared their strategies for engaging with youth and preventing criminal behavior. Their dedication and collaborative approach left a lasting impression on us.

Next, we delved into the Danish sports model, meeting at Copenhagen Municipality with the director of sports and vice president of the Danish Olympic Committee, Thomas Bach. The discussion centered around the five pillars of the Danish sports model: Association, Statutes, Democratic Organization, Inclusion and Openness, and Membership and Activities. We were fascinated by Denmark’s commitment to promoting sports and recreation, realizing the importance of community involvement and resource allocation.

As the day unfolded, we enjoyed a delightful dinner at Dalle Valle, savoring the flavors of Danish cuisine while reflecting on the day’s experiences. Our evening concluded with a visit to Street Society, a crime prevention and sports program aimed at empowering youth and fostering positive relationships within the community.

Day 2 was a testament to Denmark’s innovative spirit and commitment to social progress. We look forward to uncovering more insights and forging meaningful connections as we continue our journey.