Moldova: Open Fun Football School for Ukrainian refugees

In connection with the war in Ukraine, we see a lot of civilians fleeing across borders to Ukraine’s neighbouring countries – and one of them is Moldova. Cross Cultures Moldova welcomes the Ukrainian refugees with open arms and stands ready to offer children and young people better days than they are fleeing from.

The war in Ukraine is so violent that civilians are fleeing for their safety. The worst thing is that the adult war is taking place at the expense of the children of Ukraine. All children have the right to a childhood where they can be children and have fun. A childhood that does NOT include war or other terrible things that traumatize their minds for the future.

Moldova shares a border with Ukraine, which is why there is a flow of Ukrainian refugees to Moldova, seeking urgent safety. Cross Cultures Moldova welcomes Ukrainian refugees with open arms, and stands ready to offer children and young people better and more fun days than they are fleeing from. The most important thing for all parents, Cross Cultures and the future is to make sure that children have a childhood that contains fun, creativity and positive memorable moments. Together with our network in Moldova, we offer a safe space to the children where they can step in and forget all the bad things that might be around them.

On March 10, Cross Cultures Moldova, together with local schools, are organising an Open Fun Football School in the border town of Stefan Vada. The football school will be for Ukrainian refugees and Moldovan children aged 4-17, focusing on fun football as usual. There will be gifts for the children, which will hopefully help to put a smile on the children’s faces amid this difficult time.

We stand with Ukraine