Moldova: Sum-up of OFFS September ‘21

From 6th to 29th September 2021 the Open Fun Football Schools was attended by 156 coaches, 144 assistants (volunteers), 36 police representatives, 12 community social workers, 2200 children (6-10 years old) of which 30 children with special educational needs and disabilities.

CCPA’s core activity is the international Open Fun Football Schools project for girls and boys aged 6-10. This humanitarian project involves the practice of fun games and the implementation of the pedagogical concept of fun football “Fun – Football – Concept” as an effective means of promoting the democratic process, peace, stability, social cohesion, friendship building and sports collaboration. At the same time, the concept is a means of promoting grassroots football and the fundamental principles of “sport for all”.

The CCPA/OFFS project has been implemented in our country since 2006. Since 2009, CCPA / Open Fun Football Schools Moldova is supported by the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (SIDA), represented by the Swedish Embassy in Chisinau.

The monitoring of the Open Schools of Fun Football + Sport + School + Police was carried out by Svetlana Patras, CCPA/OFFS Moldova Project Coordinator, Natalia Gaidibadi, Deputy Head of the Strategic Management Directorate of the IGP of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Victor Mardari and Iuliana Romanenco, assistants to the CCPA/OFFS Moldova coordinator, Natalia Ceban, a federal inspector for women’s football, Iana Pogarevici, Tatiana Cunceva, Sergiu Toma, Cornel Baran and Vitalie Sula, OFFS Moldova instructors.

The special programme Sport + School + Police is a part of the Open Fun Football Schools Project and is implemented in our country by the Moldovan Federation in partnership with the General Inspectorate of Police since 2015, under the leadership of the non-governmental organization Cross Culture Project Association, based in Copenhagen, Denmark. Sport + School + Police form the basic perception that effective crime prevention measures are not only a matter of the police.

The SSP (Sport + School + Police) special programme aims to complement and improve initiatives and actions for children and youth that are carried out separately by the police, the school sector and sports clubs. The SSP initiative promotes the approximation of joint efforts at local level to prevent juvenile crime and is geared towards the re-socialisation of delinquent children through their involvement in cultural-sports activities.

Written by Svetlana Patras, CCPA/OFFS Moldova Project Coordinator