Morocco: Football and Social Innovation Hackathon

“Football and Social Innovation Hackathon” was able to bring together young people with project ideas in sport, civil society actors, and the ecosystem of entrepreneurship and innovation. The main objective was to develop ideas for innovative projects capable of proposing social solutions that create economic values.” Sofien Zarraa, Cross Cultures representative in Morocco

Participants holding the “SportsEntrepeneurshipHackaton”-sign

Football and Social Innovation Hackathon spanned over five days in Casablanca, Morocco. The days contained training and working on transforming visions into a strategic action plan, aiming to create a social-sports project focus on football.

Cross Cultures representative in Morocco, Sofien Zarraa, was one of the stakeholders during the training, a mentor during the Hackathon, and a jury member on the final day of the event.

“Football and Social Innovation Hackathon” by TIBU, is an excellent opportunity for young people, especially our CCPA volunteers, to show their creativity and turn their dreams into goals.” Sofien Zarraa

From 31st August to 1st September, 33 students from the School of Second Chance did participate in the first phase of the training. The first phase was about initiation and strengthening of skills. The participants attend lessons and a workshop on entrepreneurial support, innovation, and social entrepreneurship in the sports sector to learn to manage the soft skills of marketing.

The second phase spanned from the 2nd to the 4th of September, where 20 young people were selected to form five teams and participate in the Hackathon. At the end of the 72 hours of competition, three teams were announced winners for the three different prizes.

Team photo: the second-place of the Football and Social Innovation Hackathon

The third-place won 5.000 Dirhams ($550/3500DKK), the second-place won 10.000 Dirhams ($1100/7000DKK) and the first-place won nothing less than 20.000 Dirhams ($2200/14000DKK). All the prizes were presented by the Association of TIBU Maroc.

Our talented Cross Cultures representative, Sofien Zarraa, participated in three phases of the Hackathon. He participated in the first training phase, and as a mentor in the second phase, where he was 24-hour support for the students and helped them to complete their projects and ideas.
At the end of the competition, Sofien was a jury member on behalf of Cross Cultures, next to three other jury members. They had to decide together who would win the three prizes.

“An amazing opportunity for our coach volunteers to practice for the upcoming seminars, which will drive and motivate them to build their ideas, visions, and dreams, and become Community Organizers“. – Sofien Zarraa.

Cross Cultures representative, Sofien Zarraa, as a jury member

All the attendees noticed the difference and diversity of ideas and projects, between the project of a “football academy for girls and boys in a conservative neighbourhood”, and the project of “Football School For All”, means for Moroccans, immigrants from sub-Saharan, and also for autistic children. This diversity and difference of ideas was an inspiration to the participants among themselves