Open Fun Football Schools in South Sudan

By South Sudan Football Association* 


The Open fun football schools project supported by the UEFA Foundation for Children has opened in South Sudan with a capacity building workshop.

“We are very happy that this project has come to South Sudan because it will help children come together and enjoy football,” said Francis Amin Michael, the South Sudan Football Association (SSFA) President during the opening ceremony at the Landmark Hotel in Juba on Tuesday.

The SSFA in collaboration with Cross Culture and Niras are behind the project supported by UEFA.

It is a program that has specialised in bringing fun football to children and youth living in communities affected by war and conflict. The program is designed to stimulate peaceful co-existence, reconciliation and enhances social improvements.

Amin said the Cross Culture program will help communities affected by war will indeed help build better standards. The workshop has been organized to help build capacities of coaches in South Sudan for development of young girls and female players.

The project will focus on promoting grassroots football for all including girls/females, bring children and youth of different backgrounds and also to encourage the youth to engage in other cross cutting inter-community activities among others.

Anders Levinson, the Cross Cultures Managing Director and Troels Andrew Kolster, head of Section Niras also attended the opening ceremony of the workshop.


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