Local Partnerships

From 1998 – 2018 the local partners contributed with 20 mio € / 43% of the total investment in Cross Cultures programmes world-vide (in-cash, in-kind and social investment)

Seen from a change and sustainability point of view a strong partnership with the local communities is crucial, and therefore Cross Cultures has developed a community approach where we  actively engage as many local partners as possible in the Open Fun Football Schools programme. Thus prior to the Open Fun Football Schools we always negotiate and sign a cooperation agreement (LOI) with the relevant partners specifying our terms of cooperation and what the local partners and Cross Cultures will bring to the joint initiative.

The local partnerships is made in a way that Cross Cultures and our local partner organisation are educating and building the capacity of our voluntary leaders and coaches to serve as drivers of social change. While at the same time, the partnerships with the national authorities secure that the Open Fun Football School initiative is developed and implemented in alignments with national strategies.

Local partnerships 1998 – 2016:

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