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Open Fun Football Schools (OFFS)

We facilitate youth inclusion and active citizenship while promoting a culture of peace and non-violence, gender equality, social integration and incorporation of culture's contribution to sustainable development.

Bringing people together

The Open Fun Football Schools-program (OFFS) is Cross Cultures' oldest activity, from which our slogan bringing people together origins. OFFS is as an all-inclusive activity, meaning that everyone can participate regardless of talent, gender, ethnic or social background, religious or political affiliations. The strengths of OFFS is its ability to generate relations between people and institutions. We actively involve a range of actors, including parents, municipalities, primary school teachers, police, local sponsors, national and regional football associations, the local and national media, and Ministries of Youth and Sport. By bringing people together through sport, we try to challenge existing divisions of people based on ethnic, political, or religious affiliations, and instead facilitate a platform in civil society where people from different backgrounds can meet on equal terms.  

All OFFS are organized in accordance with the so-called ”twin-city approach”. This means that every football school is organized through a cooperation of representatives from at least two municipalities and three football clubs. Furthermore, most of the seminars for instructors, leaders, and coaches include participants from all countries involved in the regions.  


Each OFFS comprises:

  •  Volunteer leaders and educators 
  • 12 trained coaches, aged 18-25 years 
  • 12 trained coach assistants, aged 14-18 years 
  • Minimum 200 children, aged 6-12 years
  • Minimum 40% females
  • Minimum 50 participants from so-called vulnerable groups 
  • Minimum 40 parents at parent meetings 

OFFS has proved to be an efficient instrument to gain access to local communities and to mobilize volunteers and community stakeholders for peace and reconciliation initiatives. 



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For further information about our Open Fun Football Schools, please go to Statistics or get insight in how we work educate our volunteer coaches through manuals and handbooks in the Toolbox.