South Sudan: A boost for employment

In South Sudan, there is low employment and few job opportunities. Today, there are 23 young graduates in Torit.

A boost for employment in Torit, South Sudan

In South Sudan, there is an unemployment crisis affecting local communities and the whole country. Many young South Sudanese people are walking around without a paid job, or opportunities to get one. The future does not look good in terms of job opportunities.

Cross Cultures, Global Aim and The Ministry of Education have come together to train young people through a four-month vocational training programme. 23 young people, who have all been through Cross Cultures’ coach programme, have today graduated from Global Aim’s vocational training programme and received their training certificate issued by The Ministry of Education.

A 50/50 Gender Balance

In South Sudan and the rest of the world, Gender Equality is important to improve in the education and labour market among others.

Gender Equality is one of the focus areas of Cross Cultures and Global Aim, why it is a great success that there is an equal gender balance in this vocational programme.

Graduates from South Sudan

The 23 young graduates from Torit, South Sudan: 

  • 11 newly qualified tailors: All women
  • 4 new hairdresser graduates: All women
  • 3 new catering graduates: 3 women and 1 man
  • 5 newly qualified car mechanics: 1 woman and 4 men

In Aweil, a similar training programme is running, where a new batch of young graduates is waiting for us.

We are currently working on setting up a social economic enterprise where all the new graduates can go out and put their newly learnt skills into practice.

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