Tamaras change

Written by Tamara Benkovíc

I am Tamara Benković and I come from Orašje (BH). I am a student in Split and also a coach in a women’s football club. Football is number one in my life and I always put all of my duties behind those I have in the club.
It represents so much in my life. Through it I meet a lot of good and honest people who give themselves selflessly for a better game, better football.

It helps me the most when I am sad or disappointed. Then I remember what I love to do most: gather team, we go to the pitch and all negativity disappears. My studies often keep me from training. Hearts says one thing and the brain another. Unfortunately, football here has not come to the level at which coaches and players can live from it.

Last year I found out about CCPA OFFS’s Youth camp. I applied immediately, also because I was pausing for an injury. The camp was the best decision. I met so many young people with the same goals as mine, and even the people at camp were the ones who persuaded me to enrol for UEFA B licence, which I graduated this year. There was no prejudice in the Camp. We were all equal in a different way. All of our opinions there were acknowledged, which is opposed to the communities where we live. Everyone was able to share their idea, without being afraid to be rejected for it.

– Tamara