World Heart Day in Croatia

Activity report- World Heart Day 

On September 29, 2018, Open fun football playground- educative event was organised in the frame of the European week of sport (Grassroots week) in Sibinj (Slavonia). In very short time, CCPA Croatia manage to organise one day event for 100 boys and girls with eight OFFS trainers. Marking the World heart day, creative and educative workshop „how our hearts work„ was held by CCPA instructor, doctor and pedagogue.

It was open for all children age 4-10  in order to promote sport, and active life as an important part of the health care; with enormous help from FS „Sibinj“, FS „Zeljeznicar“,  Elementary school „Ivan Mazuranic“, and kindergarten „Bubamara“. 

Croatian football federation supported this event by donating footballs and T-shirts to the club, and every child got little present for participation. It was emphasized that this kind of events are important in smaller or socially vulnerable areas. Our goal is to bring sport and education, such as this event, to the children who don’t have privilege and opportunities like children in bigger cities. Work and efforts of the OFFS trainers, and CCPA Croatia was recognised, promoted in media, TV and web. 

I hope we will have more of similar events with Grassroots department of the Croatian football federation and continue our cooperation in order to promote grassroots activities for children and women’s football.

Best regards, 

Renata Gomaz, prof,

Country coordinator CCPA Croatia 

On youtube you can watch a video from the day: