Child Protection Seminar in Jahorina, Bosnia

7. august 2018
In July CCPA in Bosnia was hosting the season´s first Child Protection Seminar for over 90 leaders and coaches. The seminar was build on four workshops, each focusing on different aspects of child protection in CCPAs programs, and resulted in guidelines for each of the schools involved.

The Open Fun Football Schools season was kicked off in the Balkans with the first seminar for leaders and coaches. The seminar hosted over 90 leaders and coaches and took place in Jahorina, Bistrica.

The main topic of the seminar was Child Protection. This topic was examined by the participants through four interactive workshops, based on interviews and different analysis. These workshops covered exercises with the purpose of finding out "what is the best environment for the child?" and "who is the best coach?", as well as a "value workshop" and a SWOT analysis of each of the Open Fun Football Schools. The Seminar also included some practical sessions with exercises based on CCPAs "3-D training philosophy", with each exercise presenting 1) emotions, 2) skills, and 3) smarts. 

The seminar resulted in the production of the Child Protection Guidelines for each Open Fun Football School/Club/Community participating. and ended with a farewell party, with the wishes for the success at the Open Fun Football Schools over the summer. 

CCPA Bosnia has one more Child Protection Seminar coming up, where also participants from Serbia and Croatia will join. 

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