CCPA: Macedonia celebrates International Teachers Day

Within the celebration of the ” InternationalTeachers Day”- 05 Oct, Open Fun Football Schools Macedonia in the sports hall in Avtokomanda organized football tournament- sport event for 60 students from schools with special needs from 4 educational institutions where students attend classes.
The event had students from SIR for children and youth with impaired vision “Dimitar Vlahov” Skopje, SICOR for children with impaired hearing “Partenie Zografski” Skopje, SI for rehabilitation and education “St. Naum Ohridski” from Skopje and SI for rehabilitation and education “Iskra”-Stip. Accompanied by their teachers and professors, teams composed of boys and girls had 2-hours football,sports and socializing.
Besides football tournament between the teams, the students visited the Outdoor Fitness Active Zone which PIVARA AD Skopje and Coca Cola Comp. installed near the hall, and all participants actively practiced .
To the all participants Open Fun Football Schools donate t-shirts and caps ” UEFA Respect” , refreshments and snacks. To all schools that participated in the tournament were donated footballs and nets provided by the Open Fun Football Schools and the Football Federation of Macedonia.
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