Coca Cola Cup 2012

The cup was organized by Pivara Skopje AD, Coca-Cola and the "Happy community" project realized by Open Fun Football Schools with support of the US Embassy ended with a special event, featuring the semifinals and the final match.
The event that symbolically coincided with the start of the European Football Championship 2012 was preceded by tournaments which were played on football pitches in eight municipalities in our country over the past 20 days. The tournament involved more than 70 schools, activating more than 700 talented young boys and girls that took active part.
Cross Cultures’s "Open Fun Football Schools", has extraordinary expertise and experience in organizing of such type of activities that aims at the promotion of sport and cross cultural activities among the young population.
In addition to football matches, various sports games was organized within the Coca-Cola Cup that animated young players and their friends, their families and their friends, which contributes to the development of active and healthy lifestyle, especially among youth, friendship and entertainment and respect for family, values to which Cross Cultures from the beginning has been committed to.
More than 1,500 boys and girls aged 13 to 16, along with their friends and family members, participated actively in the football tournaments and other sports and entertainment activities that were part of the Coca-Cola Cup.
At the Final event the boys and girls from the football teams that won the final received gold medals, however everyone who took part was declared a winner because the main goal of the Coca-Cola Cup was the promotion of active lifestyle, development of healthy sports spirit and physical activity among youth, giving special attention to companionship, entertainment and bonding with the families.