Cross Cultures is pioneering sports initiatives for safeguarding children in Moldova

From the 31st of July till the 4th of august two seminars for 168 volunteer leaders and coaches from the Open Fun Football Schools in Moldova was held in cooperation between PGI-representatives and the Moldovan Football Federation at the Training Center of the Moldavian selections from Vadul lui Vodă. Here theoretical and practical lessons were carried out within the special program Sport+School+Police (SSP). The aim of SSP is to consolidate joint efforts to promote cross-sector collaboration between school, sport, and police to amongst other secure safeguarding of children in football.

In addition, an Open Fun Football festival was held on the 2nd of august at the training center. Over 200 boys and girls benefited from the festival by being brought together across gender and ethnicity. The focus was particularly on including children from families whose parents have migrated to western Europe and on girls to engage in football activities. The festival also included interactive information activities regarding internet safety, traffic rules, and other security measures during the event.

Watch videos from the events below!