Cross Cultures recieves award for education programme

Yesterday, Cross Cultures received a TIBU Sport-4-development award in the category “Best Sport and Education Program in Africa 2020-21”.
The founder and director  of Cross Cultures, Anders Levinsen, writes:
I Am proud to receive the TIBU Sport-4-Development Award for the “Best Educational program in Africa 2020-21”.
Thank you to Tibu and the honorary Minister of Education of Morocco for the attention and the distinguished award. I’m both happy and honoured.
Of course, I am deeply grateful to all the young volunteer coaches and leaders who have embraced our good idea and adapted the meaningful fun football activities to suit their children, their communities and themselves within their specific context – even in the midst of the corona pandemic. Also thank you to UEFA Foundation for Children for support to our activities in South Sudan and the Danish Government (DAPP) and the Tunisian Ministry for Youth and Sport for their support to our activities in Tunisia and Morocco.
Sofien Zarrá, one of Cross Cultures youth coordinators from Tunisia, who are currently in Morocco coordinating our program, received the award on behalf of Cross Cultures.
Cross Cultures will celebrate by conducting a youth leadership seminar in Morocco and Tunisia on the 8-10th of April, where the two teams will work together simultaneously virtually.
The goal of Cross Cultures Leadership Education is to encourage social and civic engagement, a sense of responsibility, and thereby enhanced employability. The participants will be endorsed Community Organisers and will have acquired vocational clarification and skills enhancing their employability, and alternatively prepare them for further vocational training, social entrepreneurship, and further education as football coaches within the framework of the National Football Association and ministry of youth and sport.