FAM “C” License course + Football activities for children with disabilities

From March 19th-29th 2012, FA of Moldova under umbrella of CCPA/OFFS, held the FAM 18th "C" License Course for 27 coaches.
It was the sixth "C" License course in which the CCPA/OFFS women instructors CEBAN Svetlana, CEBAN Natalia, POGAREVICI Iana, have been involved. They held training sessions with coaches, during which were used exercises practised by Open Fun Football Schools for children U-8, U-10, U-12. On March 22nd OFFS Cup was organized and conducted by the women’s instructors CCPA/OFFS Moldova.
The theoretical and practical lessons has given by Mr. SCURTUL Ghenadie – Technical Director FAM and Coordinator CCPA/OFFS Moldova, Mr. VIBLOV Alexandr – Executive Director of Coaching School.
Famous Moldavian football players: BERCO Victor, ROGACEV Serghei also participated. They showed great interest to be involved in 2012 OFFS activities.
Football activity for children with disabilities, in the Resource Center for Inclusive Education
On March 23rd a football festival was carried out in the Resource Center for Inclusive Education in the Magdacesti village, Criuleni district. 30 children (15 boys and 15 girls) at the age of 7-10 years participated in the football festival.
The festival was led by OFFS program, OFFS coaches from Magdaceshti district: Ms. Vera Onica, Ms. Rodica Coshtisanu and Ms. Natalia Aga., the latter coming from the resource center for children with special educational needs. The celebration was organized by the Mr. Onica Vitalie instructor CCPA/OFFS Moldova.
The purpose of the Resource Center for Inclusive Education is to facilitate the access to education in typical learning environments for all children with special educational needs, and to assist teachers, students and their parents in promotion and implementation of inclusive education.

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