First seminar of the year in Baghdad

On Thursday the 21th of June al-Salaam and Cross Cultures conducted the first seminar of the year in Baghdad. Thereby the season of Open Fun Football School in Iraq is launched.
62 volunteers from Ramadi, Kerbala, al-Mahmoudiah and different areas of Baghdad participated in a 3 days seminar which took place in al-Salaam Stadium in Askan.
The trainers were introduced to the idea behind Open Fun Football School and the pedagogics. Thereby the Cross Cultures & al-Salaam instructors taught the trainers how to manage and arrange a good Open Fun Football School. The participants also learned how to use the concept and values to arrange activities for children and to involve parents in children activities. The training was both theoretical and practical, and the male and female trainers spent several hours playing in the stadium.
On the last day of the seminar, a guest instructor from Iraqi Red Crescent visited the seminar to teach the volunteers about first aid and injuries. Other visitors at the seminar included members of the Baghdad Provincial Council and the Iraqi Football Federation. Furthermore journalists from 6 TV-channels and 4 newspapers covered the seminar.
The participants enjoyed the seminar, and they had a fruitful discussion on how to be a good trainer. They are now looking forward to conduct Open Fun Football Schools for hundreds of children in their hometowns. The first 4 OFFS will take palce in Ramadi, Kerbala, al-Mahmodiah and Baghdad.
In July, a new seminar for 70 trainer volunteers from Dohuk, Mosul and Sulemaniah will take place in the Northern part of Iraq. After the month of Ramadan, the last trainer seminar of the season will take place in Baghdad.