H.R.H Crown Princes Mary of Denmark opens youth festival in Morocco

To warm up and prepare for the Youth Dialogue Festival in Rabat, Morocco October 4th  HRH Crown Princess Mary of Denmark participated in the Fun Run organized by Cross Cultures and our strategic partner in the Danish-Arab Partnership Programme, Association Femme, Réalisations et Valeurs (AFVR) .

HRH was greeted in the Park Hassan II by the president of AFVR, MdM Nezha Bidouane, the Chair of Cross Cultures, Mr Ulrik Federspiel and Man. Director Anders Levinsen, who also together with the Danish Ambassador Nikolaj Harris accompanied HRH on the Run around Park Hassan II together with 700 young Moroccans.

The Fun Run was organized to culminate at the Youth Dialogue Festival, where HRH further gave an opening speech appreciating the Fun Run, the Youth Innovation Summit and the Youth Dialogue Festival – all activities organized within the framework of the Danish-Arab Partnership Programme (DAPP). In the opening speech, HRH reminded us all about Einstein’s famous quote: ”we cannot solve our problems with the same mindset that we used to create them” and with outset in this quote HRH addressed the young audience directly: “As youth, you are not blinded by learned patterns or exciting societal structures and norms. You see the world differently, with possibilities, not limitations. And that is exactly the reason why youth has been a target group for the Danish-Arabic Partnership Programme since its very launch. The involvement of young people is essential, ensuring an equal seat at the table and that the voice of youth is heard and echoed in decision making at all levels. (….)  Therefore, it is your duty to challenge the old generation, their ideas and traditional ways of thinking”.

A large number of visitors came to our tent, which was hosted jointly by AFRV and Cross Cultures. In the tent we accommodated several activities at the same time: a) A video screen and a huge wall with pictures illustrating some of our activities across Morocco, b) a table where the youth could build their vision in Lego, c) protreptic and dialogue about voluntarism and d) as well as different kinds of animation – folklore.

Our animators did a very good job that attracted youth to our tent 🙂 

Building the visions of youth in Morocco in Lego