OFFS – Seminar for leaders and coaches in Bosnia & Herzegovina

The Open Fun Football Schools season 2016 in Balkan , started officially with the first Seminar for leaders and coaches , held in Bosnia and Herzegovina, from July 29nd to 31st.
Participants of the Seminar were leaders and coaches from 15 local communities from Bosnia and Herzegovina, along with five instructors and office staff. There was just over hundred participants, in beautiful setting of Banja Vrucica, where new ideas, fresh energy through a very welcomed new format of Seminar – were plenty.
We started with the traditional Bon Bon Cup, played by all participants, who were able to connect and get to know each other in a place where it most matters – the football pitch.Followed by the welcome speech and program analysis, continued Seminar continued by introducing an open poll for ideas to mark 20 years of programme in Bosnia and Herzegovina next year.
Ideas are many – from national conference, to exibtions and readiness of local communities to host a celebrations next year. Staff made a presentation of acomplishments of the program throughout the years, with plans for future.
The theoretical part of the Seminar was based on our Integrated football approach, where coaches were introduced to the 3-dimensional training philosophy and our maskot guide – the Head – Heart and Legs guy. Instructors prepared the first set of rotations based on these principles.
With plenty of logistics, excersises were smart, fun and skillfull – just the kind needed to show coaches what our philosophy is all about. From then on, it was easy to organize a workshop on Environment, followed by a preparation workshops for coaches.
Rotations by coaches were fantastic, and showed they were completely following and accpeting the 3- dimensional training. Feedback and analysis after each rotation, as well as during the Sunday morning workshop – provided good critisism that ended up in even better upgrade of specific workshops. On a workshop during Sunday morning,participants analyzed excercises from the CCPA OFFS Manual.
Seminar ended with a joint lunch, and readiness to organize good, meaningful and fun Open Fun Football Schools throughout Bosnian pitches in August.