Open Fun Football Schools in Moldova

“The aim with this project is that we use football as a place where all people can meet and have fun together! So we have to bring grassroots football and football for children to all Moldova. Bring everybody together to play and have fun together” – Anders Levinsen, Founder of Cross Cultures Project Association

At the Training Center of the Moldovan National Team, Vadul lui Voda, a unique event took place, attended by about 100 children, including children with special needs.

The official ceremony for this event was attended by Nicolae Cebotari, FMF General Secretary, Natalia Gaidibaidi, Deputy Head of the PGI Strategic Management Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Anders Levinsen, director of the Cross Cultures Project Association.

Open Fun Football Schools projects involves playing fun games and implementing the pedagogical concept of fun football, as an effective means of promoting the democratic process, peace, stability, social cohesion, establishing friendships and of sports collaboration. At the same time, this project is an effective tool for implementing the social inclusion of children with special needs in Moldova and other war-torn countries.

During the event, the children participated in the most diverse sports activities, adapted to their age and individual abilities. Every child had a great time, enjoyed playing sports and felt part of the team. The children also had an artistic program.

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The special program Sport + School + Police (SSP) is part of the Open Fun Football Schools Project and is implemented in Moldova by the Moldovan Football Federation in partnership with the General Inspectorate of Police since 2015, under the leadership of Cross Cultures. Sport + School + Police (SSP) form the basic perception that effective crime prevention measures are not just a matter for the police.

The event was organized by Svetlana Patraș, CCPA / OFFS Moldova Project Coordinator, Victor Mardari and Iuliana Romanenco, assistants of the CCPA / OFFS Moldova Coordinator, Natalia Ceban, Federal Inspector of Women’s Football, Iana Pogarevici, Tatiana Cunceva, Sergiu Toma , Cornel Baran and Vitalie Sula, instructors OFFS Moldova and Aliona Dragomirițcaia, Head of SSM of DOP of IGP of IGP.

The Open Fun Football Schools project has been implemented in Moldova by Cross Cultures Project Association (CCPA) and FMF since 2006. Since 2009, CCPA has been supported by the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (AIDS), represented by the Swedish Embassy in Chisinau.