Bringing Joy to Children in Crisis: Cross Cultures’ Open Fun Football Schools in Ukraine

In the midst of the ongoing crisis in Ukraine due to the conflict with Russia, Cross Cultures has been actively working to bring hope and happiness to the lives of children and young people through Open Fun Football Schools. Despite the challenging circumstances, these activities aim to create positive experiences and lasting memories for the children of Ukraine.

Safe-spaces in Ukraine

The Open Fun Football Schools project, organized by Cross Cultures, provides a safe-space for children and young people in Ukraine to engage in recreational and educational activities centered around football. This initiative serves as a beacon of light in the midst of the darkness brought on by the war, offering moments of joy, camaraderie, and personal growth for those affected by the crisis.

The project operates within a psychosocial support framework, recognizing the importance of addressing the emotional and social well-being of the participants. Children affected by the war, including those from military families and communities impacted by the conflict, are brought together with local children, fostering unity, friendship, and social integration.

Why Open Fun Football Schools

One of the core principles of the Open Fun Football Schools is inclusivity, ensuring that children of all abilities, genders, and backgrounds, including those with special educational needs, can participate and benefit from the program. This promotes an inclusive environment where everyone feels valued and included, regardless of their circumstances.

The activities go beyond simply playing football. Participants are provided with knowledge about safety in wartime conditions, encouraging them to be aware and informed in challenging circumstances. The philosophy of mass football emphasizes the joy of playing over the result, fostering a healthy attitude towards competition and sportsmanship.

Furthermore, the Open Fun Football Schools contributes to the development of a healthy lifestyle among the children, promoting physical activity and well-being. It also nurtures the spirit of volunteering, encouraging the active involvement of teachers, coaches, psychologists, safety experts, parents, youth leaders, local authorities, and benefactors in supporting the initiative.

The impact of the Open Fun Football Schools project is evident in the communities it reaches. The events not only provide enjoyable experiences for the children but also serve as a catalyst for the activation of local communities through the collaboration of various sectors. By bringing together educators, sports professionals, mental health experts, and community leaders, the project strengthens networks and creates a supportive environment for the children and their families.

Cross Cultures’ Open Fun Football Schools project in Ukraine shines a ray of hope in the lives of children and young people affected by the crisis. Amidst the challenges posed by the ongoing conflict, this initiative offers a space for joy, friendship, and personal growth. By promoting inclusivity, fostering a healthy lifestyle, and providing psychosocial support, the project creates positive experiences and lasting memories, leaving a profound impact on the lives of those involved. Cross Cultures continues to make a difference, bringing happiness and resilience to the children of Ukraine in these difficult times.

Program Schedule

The Open Fun Football Schools project in Ukraine, features a comprehensive program that spans across different regions. Here is an overview of the planned schedule with dates and locations:

📆 April 25-26: Cherkasy region – Zolotonosha community Location: Zolotonosha, DSS Stadium

📆 May 4-5: Poltava region – Mirgorod community (first project) Location: Mirgorod, Start Stadium

📆 May 4-5: Kyiv region – Bila Tserkva community Location: Bila Tserkva, Vula Academy Street 7, Change Stadium

📆 May 5-6: Poltava region – Mirgorod community (second project) Location: Mirgorod, Start Stadium

📆 May 16-17: Vinnytsia region – Severinivka community Location: Severinivka, Grushevskogo Street 19, local stadium

📆 May 18-19: Zhytomyr region – Lyubar community Location: Lyubar, Lyubarska Hora Stadium

📆 May 18-19: Vinnytsia region – Trostyanec community Location: Demkivka, Demkivka Gymnasium

📆 May 19-20: Cherkasy region – Kamyanka community Location: Kamyanka, Heroes of Maidan Street 46, “Avangard” Stadium

📆 May 20-21: Kirovohrad region – Oleksandrivka community Location: Oleksandrivka, Gagarina Street 21, Stadium named after M. Kegler

📆 May 25-26: Kirovohrad region – Pervozvanivka community Location: Pervozvanivka

📆 June 1-2: Zhytomyr region – Korosten community Location: Korosten, Helom Aleikhem Street 38, Spartak Stadium

This carefully planned program ensures that children from various regions in Ukraine have the opportunity to participate in the Open Fun Football Schools project, benefiting from the positive experiences and support offered by Cross Cultures.

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