OPERATION DAGSVÆRK: CCPA monitors Refugee Camp and gets an audience with the Minister of Youth and S

In the past week, the local office of Cross Cultures Project Association in Iraq, has monitored several Refugee Camps in the outskirts of Baghdad and received an official audience by the Minister of Youth and Sports (MOYS).
06.02.15 Baghdad, Iraq.
In preparation for the activities in the end of February, a delegation of CCPA instructors went to three refugee camps in the outskirts of Baghdad. To study the facilities and numbers of each camp, to see what is possible and what is not. The tour was guided by the head of the camp and brother of the guvnor of Baghdad, Salah Abdel-Razzaq.
By the end of February, CCPA with the funding of Operation Day’s Work, will establish three educational centers for minors, three Job Centre’s, three business’ for women and three sports clubs, all activities will need each of their own workshops for the refugees to get them a head start on life in their new surroundings.
The refugee camp consists of Arab refugees from Al-Anbar, Turkmens from Salahudine, Faylis from Diyalah and Christians from the plains of Nineveh. Approximately more than 100 coaches will be educated, around 1000 children will enjoy the services and more than 10 jobs will be created.
In other news, the heads of CCPA’s local office, Falah and Jamal Luaibi were given a personal audience by the Minister of Youth and Sports, Abdel-Hussein Abtan. Who called in the Luaibi brothers after their work had reached the attention of minister’s advisor and former footballing legend, Mehdi Abdel-Saheb.
As of today, the facilities used by the local HQ in Iskan, Baghdad are provided and given to CCPA for a high rent by the MOYS. But after learning of their work with refugees, locals, youths, associations and elite-sports units, the minister himself provided a contract that will give them permission to use the land for another 30 years with the symbolic rent of 50.000 Iraqi dinars (50 US dollars) pr. Year.
Amongst other things, the minister has made Falah Luaibi an official consultant of the ministry, to ease on the different permissions he needs to conduct the activities he is leading. Also, the minister received an official invitation by CCPA, whom would like to invite him and include him on their work that serves Iraqi sports and youth.
The minister proclaimed; "I can not believe, in this day and age, we have this in Iraq. Professional facilities, common government services provided, all done by volunteers who hunger after a better future for the future Iraqi citizens, something they seek more than materialistic results, all done for the love of their own people and unity of the country.
" While the Iraqi Army and the Peshmergah is fighting on 4 fronts, CCPA is restoring life and stability in the refugee camps and children of major cities, whom are strung by fear, giving them a childhood they lost before they even were born.