OPERATION DAGSVÆRK: Open Fun Football Schools in Arbat Refugee Camp

From December 20th till December 30th 2014, four Open Fun Football Schools were conducted, with the addition of a Job Center, Women’s Saloon, post-school daycare, two coaching seminars and one administrative workshop in Arbat Refugee Camp.

954 children of Syrian descent participated in four Open Fun Football Schools in Arbat Refugee Camp; the children came from areas such as Malikiyah, Kobani, Qamishli, Almuda and Ras Al-Ain in the Syrian Arab Republic.
34 Volunteers from the refugee camp, and youths from the Peshmergah Sports Club conducted the four Open Football Schools; amongst them are members of the Operations DaysWork creation, the Iraqi Youth Network. The two seminars training these volunteers were conducted in Sulaymaniyah, KRG, Iraq. A team of Baghdadi and Sulaymani coaches conducted the seminars, while a Danish coordinator was conducting an administrative seminar for a Job Center.
The Job Center gathered 158 CV’s to distribute amongst employers in the service circuit in inner Sulaymaniyah. A three-day seminar was conducted for the head of the office and four volunteers, organizing their work in three phases. Giving them business cards, banners for promotion, a printer and a computer with a CV database program.
Amongst other things, equipment was bought for a women’s saloon, the sports equipment was left behind for the volunteers to open a refugee camp sports club and 354 English/Arabic teaching books, "magic" pens and coloring books were distributed to kids for the opening of a post-school daycare.
The next stop for CCPA is Baghdad in February, where three refugee camps will be visited, alongside a big festival will be conducted for the local sheikhs, politicians and religious hawza.