OPERATION DAGSVÆRK: Village in the Outskirts of Baghdad

On February 28th, more than 650 children and 30 volunteers participated in the opening of a sports club for the youth, a job-centre for adults and a grocery shop for female refugees.
CCPA and its local partners, Al-Salam Football School with the funding and the Danish NGO, Operation Days’ Work lead the way to open intiatives that will create opportunities for the refugees of Nahrawan Camp in the outskirts of Baghdad.
A workshop for coaches was set-up, with more than 30 volunteers of mostly Turkmen and Shabaki ethnicity from Nineveh plains. Whilst a job-center had already opened in the refugee camp before CCPA came into the office, so In cooperation with the Baghdad governance, they will set-up a workshop for the already employed job-centre administrators to add more into their expertize.
CCPA also came in to support entrepreneurship for women; five widows were picked, as they were interested in opening a grocery shop and past experience with it. The shop was set-up and the first big order came from Al-Salam Football School whom bought cakes and water for all of the children participating in the opening of a Sports Club in the refugee camp.
Amongst other things, Hucks, a Danish ultimate club, donated jerseys and Frisbees and water for the volunteers from the Iraqi army present at the camp. Also several soldiers helped to dress the kids with their brand new jerseys and caps, financed by Operation Days Work.

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