OPERATION DAGSVÆRK:Iraq’s First Civic Jobcentre and Integration at Refugee Camps

The first civic jobcentre has seen a lot of success since its establishment on January 2015; the jobcentre located in the Barika Refugee Camp has created many jobs for the Syrian youths, whom fled to Iraq after the civil war.
 The Association for the Unemployed created this jobcentre which is lead by the Syrian refugee, Marwan ‘Al-Malikiyah’ whom set-up the office after receiving funds from OD and administrational help from CCPA.
The Syrian refugees located in the refugee camp, cant see themselves going back to their homeland any time soon. Therefore the Iraqi Youth Network is prepared to take measures to integrate them into Iraqi society before it’s too late; therefore funds were dedicated for a jobcentre.
The IYN agrees that the easiest road to integration is through work and an income, which will at the same time get them out of the refugee camps and give them the right to settle amongst Iraqi families at different areas, a precaution taken to avoid creating any ghettos, so their future generations will be integrated into the educational system alongside local kids.
The jobcentre has been extremely successful with the youth, creating jobs for 60 % of them in the refugee camps, getting them jobs in construction, as there is an infrastructural boom in Iraq; more specifically the Kurdish region, Baghdad and southern Iraq.
At the same time in several refugee camps, there have been several establishments of sports clubs, where the children can keep up with a healthy lifestyle, while at other places there have been some entrepreneurial projects such as creating beauty saloons and grocery stores run by widows, specifically those who lost their men in the latest war.
Also English courses are offered to teenagers, "art kindergartens" where minors learn to use music instruments, take drawing & painting classes and there is also "candy-Friday" where the kids are brought together to eat candy and have some stories read out for them, children’s books written by world renowned Danish writers, such as H.C. Andersen and Halfdan Rasmussen.