Rethinking the Open Fun Football Schools in Georgia

The Open Fun Football Schools (OFFS) season has started in Georgia and is functioning according to the Corona guidelines. Normally an OFFS has 200 kids playing in 12 groups on 1 pitch. As this is not possible at the moment, Cross Cultures Georgia have come up with a way to break the football school into smaller groups of children. Consequently, they have broken down the OFFS into 164 groups across all 13 regions in Georgia. In this way, an Open Fun Football is accommodating 1-5 teams at the same time.

Mamuka Kvaratskhelia, OFFS coordinator says: “We believe that by October we will have played fun football with 164 smaller groups of children” and continues: “In Georgia, the corona situation right now is not steady and so we will continue to play football where we are mindful of the guidelines. So far we have had some fantastic football sessions and the children are so happy to play again.”
Mamuka adds that in order to facilitate the OFFS, trainer- and leaderships seminars have been held on the topic of playing football by Corona guidelines.
Below are videos of the OFFS: