Sewing machines in South Sudan

4000 locally produced t-shirts

At Cross Cultures’ Open Fun Football Schools, children receive t-shirts as they can use to play football. If possible, we strive to buy all t-shirts and equipment locally so that the local community will benefit from it. 

Unfortunately, buying t-shirts locally in South Sudan was tough, so we thought about alternatives. Our coaches devised an excellent idea to produce all the t-shirts by ourselves.

Some students became tailors through Cross Cultures’ Vocational Training, so why couldn’t we use their skills to produce our t-shirts?

Sewing machines in south sudan

New sewing machines to South Sudan

We have just received sewing machines, and the tailors will start producing 4000 t-shirts – 2000 t-shirts in Torit and 2000 in Aweil – to give to the children at Open Fun Football Schools.

It’s excellent we now have our 15 newly educated tailors in a job, jobs made by our coaches so that the local community will benefit through the supply chain. 

As we are playing football for a sustainable future, this is a big step towards local sustainability in Torit and Aweil. We are now affecting the local economy, well-being, education, health and active lifestyle. The goal is to positively impact all of South Sudan through Cross Cultures, where we activate kids and educate youth across cultures, religions and genders. 

Sewing Machines in South Sudan

15.000 children are playing each month

Cross Cultures’ project in South Sudan is made in cooperation with Global Aim, South Sudan Football Association and Children and Youth Empowerment South Sudan (CYESS). 

The project in South Sudan is in 4 areas: Torit, Aweil, Bor and the capital Juba. Approx. 15.000 children are playing each month, with 200 active coaches. Since 2018 we’ve educated 420 coaches, and some of those coaches are now developing the country, e.g. Tito, who started a women’s team and became champions. 

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