Sport for All Caravan in Morocco

By: Aziz Daouda, Country Coordinator in Morocco   
Cross Cultures newest country partner, the Moroccan association “Femmes Réalisations et Valeurs”, in English “Women, Achievements and Values”, has inaugurated its sports season 2018-2019 last weekend by organizing a sports caravan from October 11-13. The caravan took place in the south east of Morocco, in the province of Errachidia, placed in the Tafilalet region. The convoy includes Errachidia, Rissani, Al-Jarf, Guelmima, and Ain Maski.
Background and values of FRV

The Femmes Réalisations et Valeurs (FRV) is a Moroccan national association in the service of sport and social work. It was launched in 2005 on the initiative of the former world champion medalist of the Sydney Olympics, Ms. Nezha Bidouane.

The association proposes, in a perfectly demarcated approach, to use sport as a means of social promotion, especially for young people and women. Sport is here a tool of motivation and mobilization around noble socio-educational objectives for which it militates and which it summarizes in a citizen behavior. Citizenship is the recurring theme found in all actions of the association. Physical activities are to promote civil engagement and a culture of peace and non­violence, to cheer gender equality, appreciation of cultural and social diversity and human rights.

In addition to the various non-competitive sporting activities open to all, the program includes traditional games of the region, which the society is keen to revive and value because of its cultural and historical interest.

In April 2018, the association has signed a partnership agreement with Cross Culture Project Association (CCPA).  CCPA became a strategic partner in the program of FRV.

The Caravan

The Sports for All Caravan program aims to raise awareness of the importance of sports practice and its health benefits and seek to generalize it. It includes activities such as basketball, volleyball, handball, athletics, gymnastics, fitness, as well as traditional games that are unique to the region, as a cultural heritage.

Fun Football

The caravan program at the beginning of this new season includes for the first time “Fun football”, which is a program launched by CCPA. The Fun Football concept is adapted to the local possibilities and mentality of Morocco, especially by playing matches between mixed teams.

Fun Football is a group game designed to stimulate children. A team is including 9 children (4 females and 5 males). Each team tries to score the largest number of goals, but three points are given if a girl scored the goal and only one point if the goal is scored by a boy. The game is played with two footballs and it is under the control of two referees.

Prisoners from Errachidia

The Caravan also included a sports day for the benefit of the inmates of the local prison in Errachidia. The organization of this event, which took place in a celebratory atmosphere, has had great impact on prisoners, both men and women. The aim is to spread the culture of sports practice in prison institutions as a right for all, to protect the health of prisoners, and prepare them for reintegration outside the prison walls after the expiry of their sentence and release.

The Caravan is held under the slogan “Sports for all is a constitutional right” was organized in cooperation with local authorities, elected bodies and civilian society associations. Furthermore more than 100 volunteers were helping out with the caravan, to the benefit of more than 3.000 participating people in an appreciated and creative festive atmosphere.