The first Cross Cultures E-coach Online Education

12 young coaches from 12 different countries are now educated as Cross Cultures e-coach educators by participating in an online education that lasted over 6 hours.

E-coach instructors, associated with the Danish FA – Copenhagen Department, Asger Nissen and Daniel Barnewitz together with Poul Duus Gilling, Head of Education at Cross Cultures, have created a learning platform for the e-coach educators to establish competencies related to e-coaching in Cross Cultures.

In the future, these educators act as coaches for children participating in virtual activities which are the latest newcomer to the Cross Cultures platform.

“It is so interesting to expand our activities and getting in touch with new target groups. But the e-universe is not taking over from our fun football activities but aims at bringing in a way of working with the virtual environment” says CEO and Founder of Cross Cultures, Ander Levinsen and continues; “Using the virtual environment is a way of having opportunities to keep our network in Cross Cultures warm also when we are not able to meet for real”.

The corona crises have shown new possibilities.

As all the normal Open Fun Football Schools activities were stopped in March, Cross Cultures decided to expand the dialogue between the countries in order to find a way of continuing our mission of “bringing people together”. The dialogue continued on Zoom and by using this new way of being together virtually, ideas started flourishing.

‘Why not get in touch with new target groups by using E-gaming as a platform as well as bringing our network in connection when we cannot meet for real’ was one of many ideas coming out of the continuing dialogue.

This led to a project to establish the Cross Cultures Virtual Clubhouse where children participate in gaming but also in life skills activities aiming at learning. Life skills that strengthen the mental competences, focus on physical training as well as other interesting topics, which are now rooms in the virtual clubhouse.

Cross Cultures will continue with e-courses for game admins being responsible for the technical side of the gaming universe as well as responsible for a safe environment for children participating in Cross Cultures Virtual Clubhouse.

We have already run gaming-tournaments in the Balkans and in Tunisia, collecting valuable experiences for future tournaments, using the e-coach educators’ competencies together with e-game admins. Thus making sure there is a safe environment in the Virtual clubhouse as on the Open Fun Football Schools.