On this page you can find some of the background material for our different programs, including handbooks and manuals for our volunteer coaches. All materials are available as PDF files and can be used as inspiration for similar activities.

Cross Cultures Leadership Education

The goal of Cross Cultures Leadership Education is to encourage social and civic engagement, a sense of responsibility and thereby enhanced employability.
At Cross Cultures Leadership Education, the participants will be endorsed “Community Organizer”, and the participants have acquired vocational clarification and skills, enhancing their employability, alternatively prepare them for
(a) Further vocational training,
(b) Social entrepreneurship and / or
(c) Further education as football coaches within the framework of the National Football Association and/or Ministry of Youth and Sport.

Preventing and Responding to Sexual Harassment

Cross Cultures has developed Safeguarding Children in Sports policy and operational measures, which includes preventing sexual harassment and violation of children. Our approach starts with understanding sexual harassment, recognising types of unacceptable sexual harassment, identifying areas of risk etc.

Cross Cultures and Equal Game

Cross Cultures and the Open Fun Football School program has been core partner to the UEFA Football and Social Responsibility (FSR) portfolio since 2001 under the FSR pillar Peace and Reconciliation.

Concept flyer, focus on our Caravans in Morocco

In 2018, Cross Cultures and the Moroccan NGO Association Femmes Réalisations et Valeurs (AFRV) under the lead of MdM Nezha Bidouane formed a strategic partnership with the joint purpose to use our fun sport activities:

  1. To promote equity and female participation in sports
  2. To leverage health, education and development
  3. To mobilize and train youth to become voluntary leaders and coaches in community-based sport-for-all activities

Introduction to our philosophy and fundamentals

The basic idea of this manual is based on a unique approach, developed in the Open Fun Football School program and formed in cooperation and inspiration with ten-thousands of leaders and coaches around the world.

Strategy for 2018-2021

On March 19-21 Cross Cultures was hosting an International Council for our international partners in Copenhagen. 16 countries from Eastern Europe, Caucasus, Balkan, and the MENA-region were represented at the meeting. In dialogue with donors and board members the international group used the three days meeting to develop a new strategic plan for Cross Cultures 2018-2021. The strategy is summarized in the strategy card in the link above.

Child Protection Work Book 2018

This is a handbook that we use for the education of our volunteer coaches. It is a guided manual for a number of practical workshops and discussions about the following main questions:

  1. What is a good children’s environment?
  2. What are the most important values at our Open Fun Football School?
  3. What constitute a good children’s coach?

We want to engage the young volunteers in the discussions to make them reflect upon their own role in the child protection matters in our football schools. The work book ends out in 8 guidelines defining values and attitudes towards child protection agreed by the volunteers of the football school.

Theory of Change 2018

Cross Cultures has been working with the Theory of Change for many years. It is a way to work strategically with the different programmes that are all based on the same mission and vision. Above you find the newest version from 2018.

Strategic Planning

This handbook is an introduction on how we work with strategic planning in Cross Cultures. We always want to engage our local partners in the process of planning, developing, and performing our activities in a way that fits their local community and possibilities. This is a step-by-step handbook with guidelines and space for the reader to fill in his or her thought on each step.

OFFS + SSP handbook

This is a handbook about our School + Sport + Police (SSP) approach, focusing on juvenile crime prevention. It gives the reader á developed understanding of the core concepts of the SSP programme, and explains how we incorporate them in our activities step by step.

Old manual

This manual is our old version, but is still has value and gives the reader an insight in the way that Cross Cultures has always been working with fund sport with the child in the center.

The manual has a section for instructors as well as leaders of the Open Fun Football Schools, including guidelines for practical and creative workshops among other things. Further more this manual has a number of concrete football (and other sports) exercises and games. Some exercises focus on technique ans skills, while other are more game oriented and explicitly focus on having fun and creating friendships among the children. All of the exercises are characterized by Cross Cultures overall goal – to bring people together through sports.

The Cross Culture concept

This document is a concept note on the Cross Culture concept from December 2015.

Crime Prevention Education in Public Schools

This is a guide that provides instructions for the crime prevention themes, that we work with in our Open Fun Football Schools and especially in our School + Sport + Police programmes. Crime prevention is recommended to work with on each grade, and it is stating the objectives that you can work from.