Empowering Youth Through Football: Ali’s Journey of Impact and Transformation

Basra, Iraq – Ali, a passionate graduate of Physical Education and former football player, has found his calling in empowering youth through his involvement with the Cross Cultures program. From participating in the program to becoming a coach, Ali’s journey has brought positive change to his life and the lives of the children he works with.

At 28 years old, Ali holds a Bachelor’s degree in Physical Education and has represented a youth club in his city. His path intersected with Cross Cultures when he heard about a training course through the College of Physical Education and Sports Sciences at Basra University. Intrigued, Ali decided to participate and became one of the program’s dedicated members.

Through his involvement with Cross Cultures, Ali’s life has undergone a remarkable transformation. Thanks to the CCPA Academy, he secured a job as a physical education teacher at the American International School in Iraq. His passion for his work has made the transition seamless, and he expresses gratitude for the positive changes he has experienced.

Cross Cultures continues to develop and grow, thanks to the dedication of its workers and their unwavering support. Ali recognizes the organization’s progress and commends the individuals working behind the scenes for their commitment to making a difference.

Ali has actively participated in numerous initiatives facilitated by Cross Cultures. Through these experiences, he has discovered the power of creating inclusive environments for children. He believes that providing opportunities for academic and sports learning in combination can truly enhance a child’s overall development.

Ali has observed the profound impact that sports, especially football, have on children. The enthusiasm and positive energy that emerges when they engage in activities they love is a testament to the transformative power of sports. Ali’s work with the children as a coach has brought him immense joy and a sense of fulfillment.

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The impact of working with Cross Cultures has not only influenced Ali’s personal growth but also his professional aspirations. Being a member of the CCPA Academy coaches has inspired him to further develop his skills and gain international experience in the field. He is motivated to continue making a positive difference in the lives of children through sports.

Sports, in Ali’s view, hold the key to happiness and foster fraternal competition among individuals. Furthermore, sports can act as a unifying force, bringing people together and promoting peace.

Cross Cultures ensures that their approach to using football for development is inclusive and beneficial for all members of the community. The sheer joy that children experience when they engage in football serves as a guarantee of the positive impact it has on their lives, contributing to their physical well-being and moral development. Through football, the organization aims to create a better society and foster a sense of unity among individuals.

Looking ahead, Ali envisions Cross Cultures becoming a globally recognized organization. He believes in their hard work and dedication to creating successful individuals and spreading love and peace through football.

Ali’s personal journey has been influenced by his work with Cross Cultures, where he balances his time between his teaching job and training with the CCPA. As he continues to grow and contribute to the academy, his aspirations revolve around being an influential figure, spreading love and peace through the universal language of football.