Emergency relief in Eastern Ukraine

In connection to the war in Ukraine, Cross Cultures has established an emergency relief program to help children in 5 of the eastern regions of Ukraine.

Earlier this month we could tell you about our emergency program to help children in 7 of the western regions of Ukraine

Establish lifesaving activities

The ongoing and devastating attacks on Ukraine has turned the country into a dynamic warzone, where attacks on the northern, eastern, southern regions are worsening the humanitarian situation rapidly. 

Cross Cultures’ main concern in this program funded by Danish Emergency Relief Fund (DERF), will be to establish lifesaving activities focusing on vulnerable children, to assist them in emergency shelters, and to provide and distribute food assistance, emergency aid kits, medicine, diapers, and more in the heavily affected regions here-and-now.

Emergency relief in eastern Ukraine

Where in Ukraine?

Following recent Russian armed force’s aggressions, all activities have stopped.

However, Cross Cultures is communicating with the local CSP-coordinators in Kyiv, Kharkiv, Mykolaiv, Zaporizhzhia, and Dnipro regions, through AUFCR (All-Ukrainian Foundation for Children’s Rights), who have adapted their operations from child protection to lifesaving activities, focusing on supporting the people affected and distribution of essential supplies. 

These local CSP-networks provide Cross Cultures and AUFCR with a strong access to reach the target groups with humanitarian aid in the current situation. Thus, Cross Cultures argues that the effectiveness and timeliness of the proposed action is rooted in our direct and daily contact with our local networks and implementing partner, AUFCR.

Support our work in Ukraine​

As witnesses to devastating consequences of the war in Ukraine, we all want to contribute in the most fruitful way possible. Even if you’re not in or around Ukraine, you can still lend a hand.

We have opened for memberships that funds our work in Ukraine. The membership fee can be fitted to your personal budget, thus costing whatever you think is sufficient.

All membership fees goes directly to our work in Ukraine and if you choose a monthly plan, you also support our ongoing and future work in other parts of the world.

You can pay in Euros, US Dollars or Danish Kroner – Thank you!