Hotline For Children – Safeguarding Children in Tunisia

The reports on violence and abuse of children at home have increased during the Covid-19 pandemic and the number of children and youth seeking help at the free hotline has also tripled.

“Le numéro vert 1899” is a free hotline for children and women in Tunisia established by the government.

Cross Cultures Focal Point for Safeguarding Children in Sports in Tunis, Khaoula harbaoui, explains that all the Cross Cultures sports coaches are very concerned about the mental and physical health of the children during this period. We, therefore, find it necessary to share the hotline, especially since our normal contact with the kids, at our Open Fun Football activities, have been impossible.

Khaoula Harbaoui, Safeguarding Focal Point, Federation for Sport for All, Tunisia

She notes that Covid-19 regulations have implied that children have been confined at home without access to school and sport and that families have been put under unprecedented stress under government regulations. Even though Tunisia did not impose a curfew or state of emergency, the situations in families have been difficult and the violence against children and women have increased – in Tunisia as in many other countries.

As part of Cross Cultures overall Strategy to ensure a fun and safe environment for Children in Sport, we consider the engagement of parents crucial. Hanne Lund Madsen, Global Programme Director says; “We are currently stepping up parents meetings in order to prevent violence in the family. We are also communicating on Facebook and to our coaches about the hotlines for children and we are extending our existing cooperation with the Delegation of Child Protection.”