Human & Angels

click here to watch the video….. Enjoy the New Year Greetings on this wonderful video and share it with all your friends

In 2014 the Open Fun Football Schools reached out to participant # 1,000,000! To celebrate the outstanding milestone and to discuss the future strategy of our unique peace program, 257 persons from 20 countries met  in Struga, FYR Macedonia. Morten Kærså and Kennet Islandi Havgaard concluded this meeting with this wonderful song from all the participants af the International Council in Struga to you and all the children and coaches of the Open Fun Football Schools around the world. Big THANKS to Morten, Kennet for the song and support;  to all of you that took time to meet in Struga; but first of all to all children and friends living in the conflicting areas around the world. 
May 2015 be a peaceful and prosperous year