Regional Youth Leader Training in Morocco

By: Hanne Lund Madsen, Global Programme Director, Cross Cultures

The enthusiasm of 60 youth leaders from Morocco, Tunisia and Jordan is impressive and the results achieved are impressive too! This is the overall message at the official opening of the Regional Youth Leader Training Seminar held 8-11 February in Mohammedia in Morocco, hosted by Cross Cultures and Association Femmes Rèalisation et Valeurs.

The seminar was opened by the representative of the Governor of Mohammedia, Mr. Mohamed Agharbi and the representative of the Ministry of Youth and Sport, Bauazza Ramfadli. They both recognized the importance of voluntary engagement of the many youth leaders and the involvement of the great number of kids in Open Fun Football Schools and Sports Caravans.

The regional programme supported by DAPP has since the end of 2017 reached 115,000 children and youth with 52% being girls thanks to the dedication and strong organization among 1,635 volunteers.

Cross Cultures’ Director, Anders Levinsen, underlines in his welcome the ‘plus sport’ approach, where the Open Fun Football Schools and Sport For All Caravans promote voluntary social organization, health and the values of respect,  inclusivity, diversity, and gender equality.