Mini-Champions League Festival in Mostar

Open Fun Football Schools celebrate the Mini-Champions League Festival in Mostar, Bosnia Herzegovina
Mini-Champions League Festival in Mostar

Revolutionens drømme lever blandt Tunesiens unge

I starten af maj tog jeg til Tunesien for at snakke med nogle af CCPA’s frivillige fodboldtrænere. Vi snakkede om hvad de laver som frivillige, og hvorfor de gør det. Svaret var klart: Hvis revolutionsdrømmene fra det Arabiske Forår skal implementeres i fremtidens Tunesien, er det...

Thousands of women at Victory Race in Rabat

Thousands of women at the Victory Race in Rabat raise the slogan "All in order to support Morocco's bid for the FIFA World Cup 2026”
Thousands of women at Victory Race in Rabat

Multiethnic Youth Camp

Cross Cultures' local partner in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Association Open Fun Football Schools, with support of the USA Embassy in BH, has started a multiethnic youth camp in Stolac, BH.
Multiethnic Youth Camp

16 countries working together in Copenhagen

On March 19-21 Cross Cultures was hosting an International Council for our international partners in Copenhagen. 16 countries from Eastern Europe, Caucasus, Balkan, and the MENA-region were represented at the meeting. In dialogue with donors and board members the international...
16 countries working together in Copenhagen

International Council in Copenhagen

On March 19-21 CCPA partners from fifteen countries will visit Copenhagen for a strategic meeting about the future of the projects.

Four more years in MENA

In January CCPA kick started the new partnership in Morocco by joining the annual Sport for All Caravan. The partnership is sponsored by DAPP.
Four more years in MENA

EU grant four year program in Ukraine to FFU, AUFCR,...

CCPA launches a new programme in Ukraine to support child protection, social integration and reconciliation in Ukraine. The project is funded by EU
EU grant four year program in Ukraine to FFU, AUFCR, streetfootballworld and CCPA

Playing for common future

Thank you for being with us in this world. We found love and cooperation and everything is beautiful. Thanks from the depth. …. So were the words posted on our facebook wall only few hours after we closed a four-day seminar for 30 youth leaders in Jordan.

Open Fun Football Schools - uniting people through...

UEFA’s social responsibility partner, the Denmark-based Cross Cultures Project Association (CCPA) has been running successful Open Fun Football Schools across Europe - using football to promote peace and social cohesion.
Open Fun Football Schools - uniting people through football

Cross Cultures - Bringing people together

Cross Cultures (CCPA) is a politically independent, non-profit organisation that exists for the purpose of promoting peaceful coexistence and social cohesion between people of different cultures and backgrounds. 

Our vision - "bringing people together" - builds on the basic premise that peace and stability is not a problem between nation states and governments alone. Peace and stability is something civil society is practicing with each other through dialogue and inter-action. On this basis CCPA exists with the objective to develop, participate in and implement culture and sports cooperation across ethnic, national, social, political and / or religious boundaries.

Since 1998, our activities have reached out to more than 950,000 children, 52,000 parents and 79,000 local volunteers across boundaries in 21 post conflict situations across the world, and we have educated over 36,000 local coaches in our specific community based and child centered approach.

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