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CCPA – International Council Conference in Macedonia

The Open Fun Football Schools started 17 years ago and for that occasion, the international HQ in Brondby, Denmark has invited the whole CCPA family for the first International Council Conference in... [Read more]

OFFS + SSP + Georgia

On November 14-16 2014 OFFS Georgia held SSP tournaments dedicated to the International Diabetic day in all eight SSP locations in Georgia - Batumi, Zugdidi, Kutaisi, Rustavi, Gori and in three districts... [Read more]

OFFS+SSP+Training modules for capacity building of the eight local SSP Teams

77 participants in total, including staff from Sport, School, Social and Police sector, were representing the eight SSP districts in Georgia at the two-day Capacity Workshops. Further key persons from the... [Read more]

OPERATION DAGSVÆRK:Opening of school in Silemani and Seminar conducted in Ainkawa

In the month of late September and early October, a seminar was conducted in Ainkawa for Iraqi Christians and a school was opened for Yezidi, Turkmen and Shabak IDP's in Silemani.

More than 40... [Read more]

OFFS+SSP and Follow up Activities in Georgia

OFFS+SSP and Follow up Activities in Georgia held on the high organizational and sport level the following OFFS+SSP festivals and tournaments within the framework of the follow up activities:

- OFFS Cup... [Read more]

OFFS+SSP In Georgia

David Kipiani OFFS Cup was held in Gori district under the aegis of the OFFS Georgia and Regional Football Federation of Shida Kartli (President and OFFS instructor - Guia Revazishvili). 120 children... [Read more]

flooded municipalities activities

In spring 2014, Bosnia and Herzegovina, along with Serbia and Croatia, was hit by the worst floodingin over a century. Three months worth of rain poured down in just few days resulting in river spillovers... [Read more]

CCPA – International Council Conference in Macedonia
OFFS + SSP + Georgia
OFFS+SSP+Training modules for capacity building of the eight local SSP Teams
OPERATION DAGSVÆRK:Opening of school in Silemani and Seminar conducted in Ainkawa
OFFS+SSP and Follow up Activities in Georgia
OFFS+SSP In Georgia
flooded municipalities activities

Open Fun Football Schools

Open Fun Football Schools - a life changing scheme through football

Source: UEFA Training Ground 2010

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HUB24 is a YOUTH program that invites young people to participate in 'The Future Sports Leadership Education' - an action><learning process with the purpose to teach how to 

  • Design and implement a project;
  • Establish community associations;
  • Work with 'Game Plan'/ strategic planning;
  • Deal with organisational and cultural issues in relation to sport-for-all activities


Cross Cultures Annual Report 2013

Make a kid smile

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Dracevo - Putting Fun Football First

Source: UEFA Training Ground 2011

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Cross Cultures is a non profit project association that has specialized in using grassroots sport - and in particular the Open Fun Football School program - as tool to

  • Reconciliation and coexistence - i.e. stimulate friendship and cooperation through joyful games and sport between children and adults that are living in communities affected by war and internal conflicts.
  • Active citizenship and club formation - i.e. stimulate the formation of community sport clubs in compliance with the Scandinavian sports culture, which is characterized by keywords as voluntarism, equality, parents involvement and the basic principles of 'Sport-for-All'.
  • Cross-sector Crime Prevention - i.e. to use the Open Fun Football Schools community platform to facilitate cross-sector networks in local communities between School + Sport + Police inspired by Scandinavian SSP-pattern.        

Mission Statement

Cross Cultures is firmly convinced that JOYFUL GAMES is the best learning tool for stimulating social changes and a unique tool for facilitating bridging and bonding - communication and collaboration - between children and adults living in divided communities.

Correspondingly Cross Cultures is building our activities on our specific "fun-football-concept" that are caracterized by keywords like "dialogue", "fun games", "creativity", "child centred pedagogic", "bottom-up", "equality", "communities" and "voluntarism".

Moonjam and the Cross Cultures Song

incl. CNN trailer

Source: mortennet 

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Sport + School + Police

Sport + School + Police (SSP) is a programme that is using the community platform of Open Fun Football Schools as a mechanism to develop a governance structure in local communities where key personnel from the sport sector, school sector, social sector and police sector cooperate on juvenile crime prevention.

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Ukraine: Sport + School + Police

Source: FFU - the Ukranian Football Federation

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Playing for Peace

This article out-lines the backgrounds and considerations behind our approaches and activities and discuss why we are doing as we do:

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CCPA Impact Evaluation Tool

Open Fun Football Schools is a program that are using community-based sport and our specific pedagogical 'fun-football-concept' as tool to stimulate friendship and cooperation between children and adults that are living in communities affected by war and conflicts.


  • Bosnia Herzegovina (1998- )
  • FYR Macedonia (2000- )
  • Serbia (2001- )
  • Croatia (2003- )
  • Kosovo (2005- )
  • Montenegro (2001-2009)


  • Georgia (2003 - )
  • Armenia (2004 - )
  • Azerbaijan (2004 - )


  • Moldova (2007 - )
  • Ukraine (2010 - )


  • Lebanon (2005 - )
  • Jordan (2005 - 2009, 2013 - )
  • Tunisia (2013 - )
  • Syria (2005 - 2007)


  • Iraq (2005 - )
  • Oman (2013 - )
  • Qatar (2013)


  • Afghanistan (2012 - 13)
  • Tajikistan (2012)
  • Bhutan (2012 - 13)

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Climate Change

Things Talk is a worldwide climate change educational program for children between 10-12 years old.

School classes throughout the world are invited to work with the subject of climate change for one to two weeks.

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