OFFS for children in Kosovo

OFFS for children in Kosovo
Happy children playing football in Kosovo

In Kosovo, the main focus of the Open Fun Football Schools-program (OFFS) is on the integration of minorities particularly in and around the Serbian enclaves in the country. 

By organising OFFS in Kosovo, Serbs and Albanians meet and play together, which still is a rare thing more than 10 years after the war, where reconciliation between the majority ethnic Albanians and the Serb minority remains elusive. 

Kosovo is a landlocked area in the central Balkan Peninsula. It is a disputed territory and partially recognised state in Southeast Europe that declared independence from Serbia in February 2008. Serbia recognises governance of the territory by Kosovo institutions, but it still continues to claim it as its own.

Promoting peace by joining children of different ethnic groups

Long-term severe ethnic tensions between Kosovo's Albanian and Serb populations left Kosovo ethnically divided, resulting in inter-ethnic violence, including the Kosovo War of 1998–99. The war ended with a military intervention of NATO, which forced the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia to withdraw its troops from Kosovo, which became a UN protectorate

During the conflict, roughly a million ethnic Albanians fled or were forcefully driven from Kosovo. 11,000 deaths were reported, some 3,000 people are still missing, of which 2,500 are Albanian, 400 Serbs and 100 Roma. Cross Cultures is focusing on bringing children of different ethnic groups together promoting peace and reconciliation. 

Reports from the OFFS in Kosovo

Latest news from OFFS in Kosovo

Facts about Kosovo

Total population: 1,870,981 (July 2015 est.)

Share of children and youth under 25: 43.56%

Youth unemployment: 55.9% (2015)

Share of women in the labour market: 21.1%

Refugee population: 17,100 internally displaced persons (July, 2015)

Football players (registered/unregistered): N/A

Female players: N/A

Clubs: N/A

Clubs with women’s teams: N/A

Our work in the country 1998-2016

First year CCPA worked in the country: 2006

Main focus areas: Integration

Sponsors: UEFA

Football clubs established: 73

Children involved: 15,044

Football Festivals: 97

Children attended: 14,238

Results 2015

Open Fun Football Schools conducted: 5

Children attended Open Fun Football Schools: 1,058

Volunteers involved: 130

Volunteers educated: -

Parents involved: 123

Parents’ workshops conducted: 13

Fun Festivals conducted: - 

Children attended Fun Festivals: -

Number of municipalities Cross Cultures is present in: -

Local schools involved: -

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