Capacity Building Seminar in Moldova

By: Marianne Frølund Coaches, leaders and police officers were gathered, to participate in the Capacity Building Seminar in Moldova on November 26th-28th. Child protection and building an SSP-network (School + Sport + Police) were the main topics of the seminar. These are two of Cross Cultures most important focus areas, as they are crucial elements […]

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Sports for all: a pillar of social cohesion

Last week Patrice Bergamini the EU Ambassador of Tunisia visited our Tunisian colleague Dr. Marwen Chaieb to see his project in Tunis. Dr. Chaieb has changed one of the city´s most criminal areas into a mekka full of sports and traditional games for the local people, especially for kids and for the youth. One of the goals is to get young people out of the streets and criminal behavior by offering them a community based on sport and friendships instead.

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